Empathy Transformation is a fundamental component of the human condition, and the primary ingredient for peace and fulfillment.

Visionary & Innovator

David P. Ellis stands at the forefront of modern thought leadership, combining a deep understanding of human empathy with the transformative power of technology. As the CEO and co-founder of Neto, David drives the mission to leverage collective intelligence for the betterment of human interactions.

His belief in “Empathy Transformation” underscores his ideology, emphasizing that true growth is achievable when we connect, collaborate, and inspire through genuine understanding.

A Journey of Impact

With a diverse professional background spanning roles from founder and CEO of Ellis Pro Media to leadership positions in companies like Continuant and Lantern Lab, David’s journey has been marked by innovation and purposeful growth.

His writings, including his contribution to Forbes, offer invaluable insights into the role of AI in fostering healthy communications.

Through every venture, David’s philosophy remains consistent: our actions are a reflection of the narratives we believe, and by changing these narratives, we can effect profound change.

Leading with Empathy

At the heart of David’s ideology lies a profound belief in the transformative power of empathy. He envisions a world where businesses and individuals harness the potential of both technology and human connection. David’s approach to leadership is grounded in service, viewing the act of leading as an opportunity to serve and elevate others.

By emphasizing the need for leaders to be both empathetic and forward-thinking, he charts a course for a future where technology and humanity coalesce for greater impact.


We resist change. Why? Is it because we are afraid? Is it because progress requires work and sacrifice? Is it because we lack the vision of what we may become? Yes!

We grow together or not at all.

No work, great or small, has ever been conceived, commenced, or accomplished wherein the actors were left unchanged by their labors. Though we are designed to evolve, and imbued by our creator with the drive to become greater than we now are, we are not meant to undertake the journey alone.


A New Era of Connection

In the fast-paced realm of technological innovation, David P. Ellis advocates for a symbiotic relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human empathy. Leading Neto, an Engagement as a Service (EaaS) software publisher, David pioneers an approach where AI not only mirrors human traits but amplifies our capacity for compassion and understanding.

His vision transcends mere technological advancement; it’s about reshaping business interactions into deeply empathetic, genuine human connections, ushering in an era where technology doesn’t just serve but profoundly understands.

Speaking Series A

The role of empathy in leadership

A. Leadership, like empathy, is a two-way street
B. Common purpose creates context for functional empathy
C. Transformation requires mentoring requires empathy
D. The responsibility of leaders to feelings, facts, and narratives


The stages of Human Metamorphosis

A. Insight – Common Context Yields Uncommon Perspective
B. Inspiration – Engender Empathy to Create Motivation
C. Discipline – Self Worth and Not Giving Up
D. Transcendence – Lasting Change is a Service Industry


The Dynamics of Metamorphic Change

A. Empathy and Transformation
B. Lack of Empathy and Regression
C. Individual Transformation as a Product
D. Institutional Transformation as a Service

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